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MB Partners are proud to be the only athlete management company in the UK to operate an in-house motorsport simulator.

Based in Royston, Hertfordshire only a 36 minute train journey from London Kings Cross railway station, MB Partners’ bespoke simulator offers any driver the chance to improve their technique, consistency and average lap time for various races.

The simulator provides racing packages tailored to the needs of each driver as it can be set up to simulate a number of cars and circuits around the world to give the driver the best experience. Coupled with the training skills of our MSA qualified driver coach, Kieren Clark, who heads up the MBP Young Driver Academy, it can be a very cost effective training tool for all levels of racing driver.

Motor racing is one of the few sports where practicing your discipline is highly restricted due to costs and circuit availability. With limited time in practice sessions, if you turn up at a race or test with experience of driving on the circuit, you'll be one step ahead of the competition.

A simulator will never replace real track experience but enables drivers to utilise track time. Using a simulator on a regular basis allows driving certain cars and circuits to become second nature, to allow for focus on the finer details when in the real car out on track.

MB Partners client Mike Conway, who is a factory driver with Toyota in the World Endurance Championship said about the simulator: “If I could redo things, as an up and coming young racer I would definitely be in the MB Partners simulator most days. I’d be learning what it takes to drive different cars, how to be quick, learning different circuits… the time in the simulator can add to your library of information and then you can pick out whatever you need when you go back to the car.”

“When you’re racing go-karts, you’re out on the track testing every week and there is a lot of practice time. But when you get to cars, there’s not as much track time, which can make or break drivers as they adapt to the change. You need that time in the race seat a lot more, because it’s a whole new style of racing and a whole new style of car. So having access to a simulator makes such a huge difference, being able to prepare before you get into a particular car or track and to keep that mileage up when track access isn’t possible.”

Kieren Clark, Head of the Young Driver Academy, continues: “Our simulator will help develop the skill of drivers under the MB Partners umbrella. This especially goes for our younger talents, as it will furnish them with an above average wealth of experience compared to other drivers their age. This will help prepare them for the next step into cars and also learn and understand vehicle dynamics and engineering.”

He adds: “Our other use for the simulator is corporate, to give our partners the chance to experience what it takes to be a professional racing driver at the same time as having some fun.”

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    PORSCHE 911 GT3 (2014)
    991 PDK

    5500 Miles
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    FERRARI 550 (2000)

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    PORSCHE 911 TURBO (1976)

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    PORSCHE 911 GT3 (2003)

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  • View PORSCHE 911 GT3 996 GEN 1 2000
    PORSCHE 911 GT3 (2000)
    996 GEN 1

    46400 Miles
  • View MCLAREN MP4 12C SPIDER 2012
    MCLAREN MP4 (2012)
    12C SPIDER

    13600 Miles
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    PORSCHE 911 MK 991 (2016)
    911 R

    200 Miles
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